Colour And Wood Blocked Dressing Table With Mid-century Flare

Sometimes its difficult to tell if a space would look much better with a white piece of furniture or a piece produced with wood. Then there is often the alternative of going bold alternatively and introducing a colour. Simone Cappellanti has developed a beautiful dressing table that solves the problem by just utilizing all 3 alternatives. The best of the desk and the left hand side are detailed in a strong white and straightforward to clean finish. The correct side is veneered with an exotic wood and the underside allows a hint of dusty rose to peek forth.

The optional addition of a Quadrilateral Mirror adds to the “everything goes” charm of the table. Maintaining the frame of the mirror in the exact same finish as the best stops this strange but amazing addition from detracting from the effect of the table itself. The only selection left to make is the seating and there are two exceptional possibilities that will maintain the all round asymmetrical balance to the table. The first is a clear acrylic or Lucite chair, and the second is a plastic or upholstered chair in a contrasting bold colour option such as Cobalt Blue or Emerald Green. The clear acrylic would look awesome in a contemporary setting and a bold colour decision would tie in with a more retro décor. Simone Cappellanti


Il Tempo è il vero “lusso” di oggi, a differenza di qualche anno fa, saper e poter dedicarsi del tempo è la vera differenza.
— GC

This small toilet desk, is a new concept of this kind of object. The shape play to the rotation of the volume and the contrast of two different wood and color. Available in different colors. Dimensions: 160x65x74.5cm